About Meda


People (primarily Shangaan) and cattle living in villages bordering the Kruger National Park Complex are inevitably exposed to some of the diseases emanating from within the Kruger system. Zoonotic diseases are shared by animals and humans. These include Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and Anthrax and the much feared Rabies virus. Humans do not develop Foot and Mouth virus, but their domestic stock may contract a variety of diseases from wildlife, and visa versa.

Local farmers do not have the knowledge and financial means to provide care in preventing or treating diseases in their cattle.

Meda became involved in this project, spearheaded by Endip Consulting Wildlife Management, by providing the following:

The mobile crush was sponsored by MEDA. This assisted field workers and farmers towards easier handling of animals for tests and treatments, as more animals can be treated in shorter periods of time. Being able to accurately weigh the animals on the crush has improved treatments and saved on medicines, as animals are not over-treated. Students and scholars participating in the visits are also more confident to work with the animals as they are less afraid to get near the animals. All Meda staff visited the facility during 2012 and became involved with administering tests or treatments under supervision of experts in the field.

Field workers experienced difficulties in providing better diagnoses , treatments or recommendations due to limited diagnostics tools . Improving animal health diagnosis abilities can also improve the human health status of these communities too. Meda purchased the Reflovet Plus Blood Analyzer machine to assist in more accurate diagnoses.