Treatment areas


Physiological ocean water Chamomile fluid extract

Chamiflor Ocean Nasal spray is indicated for cleansing and gentle rinsing of the nasal cavity when increased encrustation occurs as well as supportive treatment for rhinitis and stuffy nose.

Chamiflor Ocean contains:

  • Physiological ocean water (salt content is equal    to a 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution)
  • Chamomile fluid extract


  • Babies and children under 2 years of age:
    One puff into each nostril when required.
  • Children over 2 years and adults:
    One-two puffs into each nostril when required.
  • If utilised with other nasal sprays, Chamiflor should be used first.

Chamiflor Ocean is free from preservatives. The patented, metered dose spray prevents invasion of any bacteria into the container.


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